5 DJ Tactics for Dealing with Douchebags

A couple of weekends back, electro-house gun Fake Blood was ejected from the DJ booth mid-set in Seoul, South Korea. The reason for his unceremonious exit? Playing a Fake Blood set, which didn’t go over well with a table of VIPs. (We’re not sure what they expected to hear.) As the producer laid it after afterwards: “Those ‘VIPs’ spend a lot on tables and drinks, but usually are into garbage douche-y music. So if they complain then it doesn’t matter what the kids on the dancefloor are doing – the DJ gets told to fuck off.”


Seems like you’ve heard this story before, right? In dance music’s recent history, a succession of DJs have had their sets interrupted by a recurring dancefloor character: the Demanding Douchebag. Sometimes, the douchebag in question even has 57 million fans on Facebook. So, what tactics can DJs learn from the clashes in the booth that have gone before them? Here’s five approaches to douchebag deflection, courtesy of names you know. We can’t recommend them all, but at least they’ve been tested.


#1. Get Mad, Create A Scene [The Calvin Harris Strategy]


In 2013, most DJ booths come equipped with a microphone close at hand. Usually it serves a feel-good function, reached for only when it’s time for a “let me see your hands” or “this one goes out to Chad in VIP – it’s his birthday!” shout-out. Sometimes, though, the mic can be turned against a dance floor offender.


Case in point: the now-infamous face-off between the usually cool and collected Calvin Harris and the girl who heckled him to play something “original” in Miami (never mind the fact there was a Calvin Harris production booming through the club). You can watch the video below to see how the headliner reacted to that request. A tip for young players, though: Don’t get drunk on the power of the mic. After all, not everyone is Calvin Harris.



Full list 5 DJ Tactics for Dealing with Douchebags.


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